Gokhnaris Lodovani - Ancient Georgian Megalithic Complex

Gokhnaris Lodovani - Ancient Georgian Megalithic Complex

Scientists are still trying to solve the mystery of cyclopean buildings, or megaliths. It seems incredible how ancient people could carry such boulders to inaccessible places without the help of special equipment. If you are also interested in walking in the footsteps of ancient civilizations, visit the village of Gokhnari, built on Sakrisi Mountain, in Kvemo Kartli Region. Here, you will see one of the largest cyclopean structures in Georgia.
Kvemo Kartli

Gokhnaris Lodovani Structure

Gokhnaris Lodovani is dated back to 2nd century BCE. The complex of buildings is located on difficult terrain, and includes four terraces and consists of three main parts: the fissure-tunnels, village remains, and the castle. The complex is inaccessible from all sides except the northwest.

The lower level of the monument is square in shape. On the other three levels are cylindrical rooms, which are connected to each other by passages.

Around the stands, on all three levels, there are ten dolmen of different sizes - megalithic tombs, for which large andesite-basalt boulders are used.

Lodovani occupies an area of 0.25 sq. km, in the center of which stands a monolithic column, which can be seen from all sides.

In addition to the megaliths, a beautiful forest is nearby, along with the stunning Gokhnari Lake and several churches.

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