Gonio-Apsaros Fortress

Gonio-Apsaros Fortress

Gonio Fortress is a witness to three of the world’s most powerful and influential empires, having survived the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman dominance in the region. This imposing Black Sea fortress is located twelve kilometers from Batumi, and was once one of the main citadels in the region.

According to legend, this is where Apsaros, son of King Aeëtes, was buried after he was killed during Jason the Argonaut’s escape from Colchis. The fortress was formerly named Apsaros Fortress, with the “Gonio” name coming from a time when the Genoese were ruling the area in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Historical evidence shows that a fortified city existed between the Chorokhi River and the Black Sea in the 19th century BCE, but the fortress itself is connected to the campaign of Pompey in 65 BCE. The area of the fortress is 44.460 square meters and it has a total of eighteen towers.

The architectural fingerprints of three different empires, including objects dating back to more than 2000 years ago, await visitors in this fascinating fortress. According to legend, one of Christ’s apostles, Matthias, was even buried here!

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