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Gveleti Waterfall

Gveleti Waterfall

There are numerous places worth visiting around Stepantsminda village. Gveleti Waterfalls is one of those sites that can be a part of a short or multiple-day trip. This short hike is picturesque and doesn’t require special equipment or preparation, as the waterfalls are pretty easy to reach.

How Do You Get to Gveleti Waterfalls?

The waterfalls are located within a short driving distance (7km) from Stepantsminda, in the vicinities of Gveleti Village.  A paved road will take you to the village, from where you can orientate with the help of signposts.

The hike starts with a walk along a service road, but soon you switch to a proper trail, crossing the streams and passing between towering cliffs, where ferns and other alpine plants grow. As you approach your destination, you hear the rumble of the waterfalls. As you arrive at the junction, turn left to see the Small Gveleti Waterfall first, and then come back and go right to marvel at the Large one. There are only 750 meters between them. You can easily visit both waterfalls within a couple of hours.

Your reward at the end of the route is a great view, chill mists and ice-cold water - a perfect ambience for a small break and cooling down after the hike.

What Will You See around Gveleti Waterfall?

White water flows noisily over the cliffs and into the gorge below. The large waterfall is thirty meters high and reaches a width of four meters near the bottom.

The Small and Large Gveleti Waterfalls are located in an incredibly picturesque place which is even more impressive from August to October, when the sweetbrier, barberry, and sea buckthorn bloom. Summer and springtime hikers can expect the smell of alpine flowers accompanying them as they make their way to the falls.


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