The Sairme Pillars – A Unique Natural Monument

The Sairme Desert and the Sairme Pillars are located on the west side of the Tsablaristskali River valley, near the town of Sairme. You’ll find this natural wonder just between the villages of Alpana and Tchrebalo, in Tsageri Municipality in Lechkhumi. It is one of the best places for hiking in Georgia, with its winding narrow paths and inclines leading up into the mountains.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

How to Get to the Sairme Pillars

The Sairme Pillars are 35 kilometers away from the administrative center of Racha, Ambrolauri. From there you can take transportation to the pass and then follow the specially created footpath about three kilometers long and leads through a diverse forest, where dark pines, firs, and other beautiful plants grow.

Along the way, you will come across the ruins of an ancient St. George Church, a site of worship where age is still unknown to this day.

The footpath ends at the top of a mountain, 680 meters above sea level. It has an amazing view of the Sairme Pillars standing on a low terrace in a grove, with a massif of 3 kilometers long, 30 meters high, and 12 meters around, which allows you to truly take in the natural spectacle of the sight. 

The History of the Sairme Pillars

It has been scientifically established that the creation of the rocky massif of the Sairme Pillars is related to natural processes and is composed of volcanic rock layers from the Paleogene (more than 20 million years ago). 

Sairme Desert and its pillars have been developing for millennia and are some of the most impressive natural monuments of Georgia.

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