How To Get From Kutaisi to Batumi

How To Get From Kutaisi to Batumi

After a pleasant stay in western central Georgia’s main city of Kutaisi, it’s only natural that you may wish to hit the coast, and especially the Black Sea jewel of Batumi. But how do you get from the former to the latter? This article lays out the various options.
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Kutaisi is one of the oldest cities in Georgia and, since the recent establishment of its international airport, has become a popular travel hub. It is this blend of rich cultural heritage and convenience that has made Kutaisi an increasingly in-demand location for international visitors to Georgia. 

A common next stop after Kutaisi is the coastal city of Batumi, which can be reached by train, bus, or car. 

How Far is Batumi from Kutaisi?

The distance between Kutaisi and Batumi is around 150 km (93 miles). Depending on the route and mode of transportation selected, the journey takes between two and four hours The journey can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the route and mode of transportation.

How to Get From Kutaisi to Batumi by Train

There are two options when it comes to departing by train from Kutaisi to Batumi, and their suitability for you will hinge on time, budget, and comfort considerations.

Option #1: Kutaisi Railway Station. This Railway station is situated near Kutaisi city center and is easily reached by foot if you’re staying in the city. Two daily trains run from here to Batumi, and tickets can be purchased either online or at the station. The downside of this option relates to speed (or rather, the lack of it). The trains running on this line are slow, taking more than four hours - which may be ideal for calmly enjoying the countryside and coastline of western Georgia, but less so if your schedule is tight.

Option #2: Kutaisi Airport Railway Station. This station is located at Kutaisi International Airport, about a half-hour drive or shuttle from Kutaisi city center. The reward for making this journey is the high-speed Stadler train that runs on this line, taking less than 2 hours to get to Batumi. The number of trains per day ranges from three in the off-season to five during the summer season. Tickets can be purchased either at the station or online (look at railway.ge or tkt.ge). Considering the high demand for this service, booking tickets 10-14 days prior to your departure is advised. Ticket prices for the Stadler train range quite widely depending on which class you choose, starting from 30 GEL and rising up to 70 GEL.

Trains from either of the Kutaisi stations arrive at the same Batumi location - the Central Station, which lies around a 10-minute drive from the city center. 

How to Get From Kutaisi to Batumi by Bus

At present, there is no direct bus service from Kutaisi proper to Batumi. Thus, if you wish to take a bus from the Kutaisi area to the coast, you’ll need to get to Kutaisi International Airport first.

From the airport, Georgian Bus operates a comfortable and direct service to Batumi, taking three hours on average (including a rest stop).

For those flying into Kutaisi International Airport, and seeking to head to Batumi immediately, the bus represents the most convenient and affordable option. The schedules are specifically tailored to align with incoming flights, with buses usually departing about an hour after arrival (e.g. if your flight lands at 1am, there will be a bus departing at 2am).

Bus tickets are almost always sold out, so make sure to check the schedule on the official website or tkt.ge well in advance to book your ticket. Tickets for a ride from Kutaisi International Airport to Batumi cost 25 GEL each. 

How to Get From Kutaisi to Batumi by Car

Of course, a car is the most flexible and quickest mode of transport from Kutaisi to Batumi.

The fastest route connecting the two cities is the E60 highway. Depending on the weather conditions, the drive should take around 2-2.5 hours.

Among the various options in this regard, you can either use one of the taxi/ridesharing services operating in Georgia (like Bolt, Yandex Taxi, or Uber) hire a car, and drive yourself. 

Another alternative is the taxi, where prices vary depending on the season and demand, but the average is around 150 GEL. Meanwhile, a rental car will cost you around 25-30 USD per day.

Have a great time in Georgia, and we hope to see you back again and again in this enchanting country - a gift that keeps on giving.

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