How To Get From Kutaisi to Tbilisi

How To Get From Kutaisi to Tbilisi

Helpfully, there are numerous options to get from Kutaisi International Airport to Tbilisi. Most popular among these are bus, train, and rental car.
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How to Transfer from Kutaisi Airport to Tbilisi

Helpfully, there are numerous options to get from Kutaisi International Airport to Tbilisi. Most popular among these are bus, train, and rental car. Meanwhile, for those with a slightly larger budget, taking a taxi is another favored alternative. Usually, the cheapest and most convenient way of making this 3-hour journey is the direct airport bus shuttle, the timetable for which aligns with departing and arriving flights.

Of great comfort to passengers, the bus service takes you right into the heart of Georgia’s capital city, near to all the main hotels, restaurants, bars, and transport links for onward journeys.

How Much Does the Train Cost from Tbilisi to Kutaisi?

Kutaisi in Georgia is one of Georgia’s biggest cities and among its most popular places to visit. Pleasingly for visitors, the train service connecting Tbilisi and Kutaisi is budget-friendly, and offers scintillating views along the way. Of course, the cost of a ticket on this service depends on which class you opt for, with a range of options to suit travelers of all budgets.

Does the Tbilisi-Batumi Train Stop at Kutaisi?

The train from Tbilisi to the Black Sea coast city of Adjara Batumi often stops at towns within a relatively short distance of Kutaisi, such as Zestafoni and Samtredia from which one can take a rental car, bus, or taxi.

Taking the Bus from Kutaisi Airport to Tbilisi

The bus service takes passengers to Tbilisi Georgia. Well-known and popular operators include Omni Bus and Georgian Bus, and tickets can be purchased online with ease.

Check more details about local rental transport.

How Much Does it Cost to Take the Bus from Kutaisi to Tbilisi?

The rival bus companies offer the same competitive price, which is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to taxi or rental car. 

How Much Does a Taxi Cost from Tbilisi to Kutaisi?

The fastest and easiest way of traveling from Tbilisi to Kutaisi is by taxi, albeit this is also not surprisingly the most expensive option too.

The cost depends on the time of day and the taxi company. Meanwhile, if flagging down a regular taxi on the street for such a journey, clearly agreeing the price with the driver in advance is strongly advised.

Where to Stop Between Tbilisi and Kutaisi

If taking the plunge and hiring a private driver or taxi, you may as well enjoy a stopover or two at some of Georgia’s most iconic spots along the way. Highlights on the route include the ancient Mtskheta on Tbilisi’s northern outskirts  as well as the small city of Gori which boasts a storied fortress. These are just a couple of numerous examples of worthwhile pit stops allowing you to properly savor the sights, scents and flavors of a country rich in history, culture, and cuisine.

Of course, each of the transportation options offer a travel experience distinct from the others, and the choice may ultimately be determined by the traveler’s budget and/or timeframe. In any case, whether opting for the simplicity and convenience of a bus, the unpredictability of the marshrutka (minivan), or the comfort of a taxi, journeying from Kutaisi to Tbilisi will be another endearing chapter in the story of your Georgian adventure to regale friends and family with back home.

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