Ilia’s Lake in Kvareli

During your trip to Kakheti, visit Ilia’s Lake nearby Kvareli Town. It is located at the foot of the southwest slope of the Caucasus, on the right side of the Duruji River.  

The artificial lake is mainly used for irrigation, and is 430 meters above sea level, 20 meters deep, 900 meters long, and 400 meters wide. One side of the lake is surrounded by hills and deciduous forests. On the other side, there is a relaxation and entertainment area with a hotel, sports pitches, restaurants, and bicycle paths. 

On the hills surrounding the lake, there is a “Hollywood”-like sign “I love Kakheti”.

Ilia’s Lake is in Kindzmarauli’s viticultural microzone. Nearby are Saperavi vineyards, one of the famous Georgian grape varieties. In 2011, this lake was named Ilia’s Lake in honor of the Kvareli-born greatest Georgian author and public figure, Ilia Chavchavadze.


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