Javakheti National Park

Javakheti National Park

With a total area of 14,200 hectares, Javakheti National Park is a popular outdoor playground for lovers of eco-tourism, fishing, and birdwatching. Set atop the Javakheti Plateau, what this park lacks in trees, it makes up for in rugged volcanic mountains, beautiful lakes, and enormous fields.

The Unique Beauty of Javakheti

The Javakheti Plateau is one of the coldest and most desolate of the inhabited Georgian regions. There are only a few patches of artificially grown pines and comparatively small fragments of natural forest.

This gives Javakheti National Park a surreal, unique beauty all of its own. The plateau has a lonely beauty to which mere photos cannot do justice.

Where is Javakheti National Park Located?

Javakheti National Park is located within the Akhalkalaki and Ninotsminda Municipalities. The protected areas of Javakheti also contain the Khanchali, Bughdasheni, and Madatapa Lakes, as well as the Kartsakhi and Sulda Managed Reserved. You’ll also find the towering 3,300-metre-tall Didi Abuli Mountain within the park.

The Lakes of Javakheti

Javakheti National Park is perhaps most famous for its beautiful lakes, including Georgia’s largest lake, Paravani. Like many of the other lakes in the park, Paravani freezes during the winter months, transforming into a great diamond that glitters in the cold light. 

During the warmer months, the lakes of Javakheti National Park are one of the favourted haunts of rare migratory and nesting birds. Avid bird watchers descend upon the park to make use of the birdwatching towers along the Javakheti hiking trails, while fishermen find the lakes perfect for their beloved activity. 

Like all good national parks, Javakheti has a variety of hiking trails designed to showcase its beauty. It is the perfect place for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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