Kakha Bakuradze Movement Theater

Kakha Bakuradze Movement Theater

The combination of circus and theater in Georgia, Kakha Bakuradze’s Movement Theater is the first of its kind in Georgia. The theater building looks like an airplane hangar, making a statement that the shows it stages are unlike those in classical theaters.

What Is on Offer at Kakha Bakuradze Movement Theatre? 

In the foyer, you’ll find an avant-garde, modernist exhibition, with moving parts and unique objects, as well as a café with books and albums along the shelves to enjoy.

Then the performance begins with the live music created especially for the shows of this theater. You enjoy the acrobatic tricks, ballet, and dances in three dimensions - on the walls, in the air and on the stage.

The theater’s story began in 2001, when the director, Kakha Bakuradze, created a troupe with seven actors and started putting on shows in the streets. The hangar for the theater was built in Tbilisi’s oldest park, Mushtaidi, in 2012 where circus performances and masquerade balls have been put on since the 19th century.

There are 19 shows in the repertoire of the theater, masterpieces of the world brought to life in movement. There are performances from Thursday to Sunday, while on Tuesday and Wednesday there are theatrical evening parties where you can enjoy meeting new people while sipping cocktails.

The theater’s season runs all year long, excluding every Monday.


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