Kaspi Museum of Local Lore

Kaspi Museum of Local Lore

Georgia is a country with an ancient history and rich cultural heritage, where historical artifacts have been preserved through to the present day and go from being fossils to being museum exhibits. At the Kaspi Museum of Local Lore, you’ll find thousands of relics dating from the early Bronze Age all the way through to the Middle Ages.
Shida Kartli

Where is the Kaspi Museum of Local Lore?

The Kaspi Museum of Local Lore is located at 88 Giorgi Saakadze street in the city of Kaspi.

Here you can see items found during archaeological digs, rich ethnographical and numismatic collections, paintings, archives of famous inhabitants of the region, and other interesting exhibits.

What is Kept at the Kaspi Museum of Local Lore?

The museum was founded on the 22nd of June, 1960 but its first exhibit did not open until 1963. 

Today more than 19,000 objects are held at the museum, including early and late Bronze Age objects; items from kurgans dating back to the 3rd-1st millennia BCE; ceramics; late Bronze Age pottery; clothing fragments dating back to the 14th-13th centuries BCE; a horse harness; tools and weapons including eastern Georgian axes, daggers, and spearheads from the 14th-7th centuries BCE; a gilded silver disk found by chance in the village of Sasireti (3rd century BCE); a bronze statue of Dionysus from the Hellenistic Period (3rd-2nd centuries BCE); a trefoil oenochoe (1st century CE), glazed pottery from the Middle Ages, and more.

It is a truly impressive collection of historic artifacts, and a must-see for those interested in history and archaeology.

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