Katskhi Fortress - Georgian fortress of the feudal era

Katskhi Fortress - Georgian fortress of the feudal era

In an Imeretian village of Katskhi, on the rocky bank of the Katskhuri River, the ruins of a fortress from the feudal era have been preserved.

The first owner of the fortress

During its existence, the Katskhi fortress has had several owners. Over the centuries, it passed from the feudal lords to the royal court and vice versa. As a rule, the owners of the fortress changed after the defeat of the unruly and rebellious feudal lords.

The first owner of the fortress, Liparit IV Bagvashi, had a difficult life. After King David Aghmashenebeli forced the unfaithful feudal lord to renounce his wealth and become a monk, the former Liparit took the name of Anton and left for Byzantium. 

According to historical sources, monk Anton lived on Black Mountain, where he presumably headed his own Georgian monastery, founded in 1060-1064, and was engaged in literary activities. After his death, the monk was taken to Georgia and buried in the grave of his ancestors in Katskhi. 

The unique nature of Katskhi

In addition to the historical fortress, you will also find groves of the unique type of Colchis boxwood and rocks 40-60 meters high, where rock climbing tournaments are periodically held. 

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