Katsoburi Managed Reserve

Georgia offers its guests historical landmarks and natural diversity. Katsoburi Managed Reserve, established in 1996, is located in the southwestern part of Abasha Municipality in Samegrelo Region, spanning a total of 295 hectares.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Katsoburi territory is mainly on a plain, at a maximum height of 40 meters, with the Rioni river flowing through. In the past, Colchic forest existed here, but now it is mainly an alder forest - a deciduous forest, where black alder, also known as Tkhmela, thrives. Beautiful white acacias and willows flourish in the forested areas of the park.

As for the fauna, wild boar, rabbit, golden jackal, badger, wild cat, otter, and deer live in this area, and the most common birds are the colchicums pheasant, palumbus, wild duck, Ardea cinerea, chaffinch, Eurasian sparrowhawk and goshawk.

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