Kayaking on the Khobistskali

The kayaking route on the Khobistskali River consists of two sections. Both of them are intended for experienced kayakers.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti


The difficulty rating of the section ranges between 3 and 5.


The village of Mukhuri, where the route starts, is located in Chkhorotsku Municipality, 293 meters above sea level. The village is in the upper part of the Khobistskali River valley.


The Khobitskali River has its source on the Egrisi Ridge from where it flows into the Kolkheti Lowlands. It is fed by rainwater. The main tributary of the Khobistskali is the Chanistskali, which joins the river on its right. The length of the river is 150 kilometers, flowing into the Black Sea.


The first section starts in the Khobistskali River valley, close to the village of Mukhuri, at the end of a paved road, 612 meters above sea level. It ends before the Lugela mineral waters, 240 meters above sea level. The length of the first section is six kilometers, with a drop in elevation of 272 meters, and a difficulty rating of 4-5 (extremely difficult, long and difficult rapids, steep drops, large rocks). The route goes through a beautiful green gorge.

The second section starts near the Lugela mineral waters, four kilometers away from Mukhuri, 321 meters above sea level, and ends in Mukhuri Village, by the arch bridge, 141 meters above sea level.

The length of the second section is nine kilometers, with a drop in elevation of 180 meters, and a difficulty rating of 3-3+ (intermediate difficulty, high and irregular waves, cliffs, whirlpools, transparent but narrow exits).


The best months to go kayaking on the first section of the Khobistskali River is from April to June and from late September to early October.

It is possible to go kayaking on the second section from April to June and from September to November.

How to Get to the Starting Point

You can only get to the starting point from Mukhuri Village with an SUV.


You must be experienced in order to take a kayak down the river.

It is advised to either kayak with a local kayaker or at least get information from such a person before your trip. To book a tour, contact a local company in advance.

The minimum age for kayaking is 18 years.

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