Khevi Sioni Basilica

Khevi Sioni Basilica

Khevi is a historical and cultural Georgian region that is often called the northern gateway of Georgia. This strategic location made an abundance of churches, monasteries, and fortresses inevitable.

The Location of Khevi's Sioni Basilica

One of those monuments – Khevi's Sioni – is located in the historic village of Sioni in the Kazbegi Municipality. This was a defensive structure of state importance in the early Middle Ages and guarded the road leading to the Dariali Valley.

The Architecture of Khevi Sioni Basilica

Khevi Sioni is a monument from the 9th-10th centuries. The complex contains a triple-naved basilica, a tower, and a wall. There are traces of paintings preserved on the western wall of the church.

Near the church, on a steep cliff face, is a four-story watch tower, and the church is surrounded by an uneven wall of well-laid hewn stones. 

From the churchyard of Sioni you can enjoy a magnificent view of the mountains of Kazbegi.

Due to its historical monuments, unique landscape, and rare plants, nearly the entire territory of Khevi has been granted the status of a national park.

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