Khikhata Mountain

Georgia’s breathtaking natural beauty and amazing landscapes offer something for people of all ages and tastes. For lovers of mountain tourism and relaxing in the wilderness, Khikhata Mountain is a perfect pick, offer a little something for everyone.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

What will You See on Khikhata Mountain?

There is a large number of karst tunnels on the slopes of the mountain, which is itself covered in subalpine greenery. A geodesic marker has been installed at the peak of the mountain.

The eastern part of the mountain is called ketsebi (“pans” in Georgian). Sometimes it is considered a separate mountain and called Ketsebi Mountain. 

On the southern slopes of the mountain there are some caves where you will find traces of ancient human life – pottery shards and evidence of fires.

On the northern slope, towards Mravaldzali Village, there used to be a monastery, so the locals call the place mosalotsi (“for praying” in Georgian). 

Between Cholevi Cliff and the forest you will find the remains of a church. They say that the monks left this place and settled in a new church near the village, which is now Mravaldzali Saint George Church.

Nature on Khikhata Mountain

A number of rivers and decently-sized streams have their source on Khikhata Mountain, forming beautiful lakes at the bottom where you can pitch a tent and enjoy the serenity of nature. For those who prefer a more active kind of relaxation, the footpath to Khikhata Mountain, which starts in the village of Mravaldzali, should provide an interesting day hike.

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