Kobuleti Nature Reserve

Kobuleti Nature Reserve

Have you ever dreamed of walking upon the ground so soft that it feels as if you’re moving across a gigantic mattress or marshmallow? There is a surreal sense of peace as the ground underneath you ever-so-slightly gives with every step, and you can experience this for yourself in the peat marsh of Kobuleti Nature Reserve.

What You Will See in Kobuleti Nature Reserve

Just two kilometers from the beach, this protected area allows you to rent special skis so that you can move safely across the peat marsh without damaging it. There are three signposted paths through the marsh.

Like nearby Paliastomi Lake, the Kobuleti Protected Area is a great place to watch migratory birds, especially during summer and autumn. The weather is especially nice during these seasons as well.

After you finish watching the birds, we recommend that you move onto the unique flora found within the reserve, which isn’t found anywhere else in Georgia. The yellow and white water lilies make for amazing ornaments on the peat. You can see 4-meter-high mounds of moss and fly-eating sundews. If you’re lucky, you might even run into a marsh turtle somewhere!

For a landscape quite unlike anything you’ve seen anywhere else in Georgia, the Kobuleti Nature Reserve is a must-see.

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