Tbilisi Photo Festival

Kolga - Tbilisi International Photo Contest

Every year in spring, Tbilisi becomes a meeting point for international photographers and photography lovers. The Kolga Tbilisi international photo competition comprises exhibitions and educational conventions.

The Kolga Tbilisi photo competition opens with awarding the jury-nominated winners in the following categories: documentary series, reportage, conceptual photo project, best shot, and mobile photo. 

Along with the winning works of modern, foreign, and Georgian photographers, the photo of the week displays classical photography of world importance.

In addition, on weekdays, the contest hosts discussions with international photo experts and portfolio reviews of international photographers, editors, curators, and art critics, which is an excellent way for amateur photographers to get noticed.

The week of the contest is the best means of intercultural dialogue, where the "voices" of photographers from Georgia, Sweden, Denmark, Chile, Great Britain, Italy, and many other countries are heard.

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