Lado Gudiashvili Exhibition Hall

Lado Gudiashvili Exhibition Hall

Whether or not you’re an appreciator of fine art, the Lado Gudiashvili Exhibition Hall is sure to leave a lasting impression on you. Lado Gudiashvili’s life and work are both fascinating and multifaceted. As you wander the halls of the three-story exhibition hall, you’ll experience a blend of both Tbilisi and Paris at the beginning of the 20th century.

Where is Lado Gudiashvili Exhibition Hall?

Located at 11 Lado Gudiashvili, the exhibition hall is dedicated to the memory of one of the progenitors of Georgian modern art.

This elegant, three-story house is the property of the artist’s family, and, on their wishes, part of it was turned into an exhibition hall where Gudiashvili’s portraits are displayed. 

What Should You Know About the Artist’s Exceptional Style?

Lado Gudiashvili was especially famous for his wall paintings. One of his most famous examples of monumental painting can be seen quite close to the exhibition hall, as he painted the altar at Kashveti Church.

Gudiashvili studied in Paris from 1921 to 1925 and became friends with such luminaries as Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Maurice Utrillo.

Some of Gudiashvili’s works can be found at the Dresden Art Gallery, galleries in Paris, the Prado Museum in Madrid, and in many private collections around the world.

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