8 Amazing Sights in Kakheti

Lagodekhi Managed Reserve – Lagodekhi Protected Areas

Lagodekhi Managed Reserve is located to the East of Georgia in Kakheti and is part of the protected territories that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has identified as an important global ecoregion.

The Lagodekhi Protected Areas are one of the best-preserved primeval natural landscapes in the world. It includes a 19,749-hectare nature reserve, as well as a 4,500-hectare, managed reserve which you can visit year-round. 

The plants and wildlife in the managed reserve are rich and varied, with many rare species. Here you can explore the beech and hornbeam forests, beautiful valleys, and alpine lakes. 

Lagodekhi is also a paradise for birding enthusiasts and nature photographers. Mountain eagles, bearded vultures, and griffon vultures fly over the mountain pastures. Here is the only place in the Caucasus where you’ll find roosting grouse and snowcock. If you are lucky, you may even run into a deer while walking through the managed reserve!

These beautiful forests and alpine meadows can be explored by an extensive system of trails connected to the area's main sights: Rocho Waterfall, Ninoskhevi Waterfall, Machi Fortress, Black Rocks Lake, and the Nature Interpretation Path. Here you can choose from short and easy to multi-day challenging trails that can be travelled on foot or horseback.

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