Lake Lomina

Lake Lomina

You have probably seen beautifully colored waterfalls and transparent water pouring into the lake in many pictures, but you’ll want to see this amazing landscape with your own eyes.

Where is Lomina Lake located?

Swim in the emerald lake and take a shower in the transparent waterfall at Lomina lake in the Okatse canyon, in Imereti, Khoni municipality. 

The Lomina waterfall is not high but still falls into the lake with extraordinary beauty. The water is so cold and clear, you can even count the small pebbles on the bottom.

Tourist routes to Lomina mostly start from Kutaisi. After 30 kilometers by car, you will find yourself in Khoni, from where Okatse Canyon is very close. Then you will follow the path on foot, and in one kilometer a lake will appear in front of you.

Make sure you have your phone or camera charged to capture this beauty!


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