Lechkhumi Rafting Camp

Lechkhumi Region is located in northwestern Georgia, and its main rivers are the Rioni and the Tskhenistskali, along with their biggest tributaries, the Lajanura and the Jonouli. On the banks of the Rioni River, 520 meters above sea level, Lechkhumi Rafting Camp is located, amid beautiful nature.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

What Will You Encounter Here?

Around Lechkhumi Rafting Camp, which has an electricity supply, running water, and a kitchen, you will find both organized tents and a campsite  and camp with your own tent. 

The camp can accommodate up to 60 visitors at one time, and is of great interest to those who love water sports, such as kayaking and rafting.

At the camp, you can take part in rafting of any difficulty level. Routes of varying degrees have been set up to take into account the given visitor’s age, whether they know how to swim, and so on. Lechkhumi Rafting Camp is officially registered with the International Rafting Federation, so the highest standards of safety are maintained. Moreover, the camp instructors have certificates from the International Rafting Federation.

You can arrange one-day or multi-day adventure tours at Lechkhumi Rafting Camp, with horseback-riding, bicycling, canyoning, and walking all available.

How to Get There

Lechkhumi Rafting Camp is in the village of Zogishi in Tsageri municipality, 200 meters from the Alpana Hydropower Plant. It is 23 kilometers from the camp to Tsageri, and you can use any kind of vehicle to reach the camp. It take around 4 hours to get there from Tbilisi.

When Is the Camping Season?

The best months for camping at Lechkhumi Rafting Camp are August and September.

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