Lentekhi Lado Museliani Museum of Local Lore

Lentekhi Lado Museliani Museum of Local Lore

The Lentekhi Lado Museliani Museum of Local Lore is an important cultural site in Kvemo Svaneti. Archaeological materials from the Bronze Age, religious items from the 11th - 12th centuries, handwritten prayers from the 17th-18th centuries, and ethnographic material representing everyday life in Svaneti are just some of what you’ll see at this fascinating museum.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

What Will You See at Lentekhi Lado Museliani Museum of Local Lore?

One of the museum’s most notable exhibits is that of a pre-Christian cross. Other notable exhibits include medieval copper jugs, silver and bronze chests of various sizes, and everyday objects made from wood. 

An especially unique element of this museum is that the items are kept in the machubi of the museum, inside of a Svan-style residence.

The museum’s employees will tell you that a machubi is a part of an old Svan home, with a hearth in its center. The climate conditions in Svaneti are extreme, which is why Svans would spend the winter in the specially constructed machubi, and would also make a cow shed for their livestock inside in order to have more warmth in the wintertime. The construction of the machubi in the museum was aimed at keeping old Svan traditions alive.

Lentekhi is considered a transit city on the road to Zemo Svaneti, so if you’re on your way to this popular region, the museum makes a perfect stop along the way!

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