Lomisi Church

Lomisi Church

St George has been revered in Georgia since the fourth century, with churches built in his name in almost every region of the country at the time. One such church is Lomisi St George Church, located in Mleta village in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region.

The Architecture of Lomisi Saint George Church

Lomisi Monastery is located on the Ksani and Aragvi watershed range, built at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level. The monastery is made up of three hall-type churches arranged next to one another. To the south of the churches is a two-story bell tower dating back to the late Middle Ages. Around it there are tombs. The best-preserved tomb is the one lying to the west, which has a door, a window, and an arched roof.

Ancient Georgian Church Holiday

Every year Lomisoba, which is an ancient Georgian holiday, is celebrated in the church. Even though the date of the holiday is calculated in relation to Easter, the roots of the celebration are actually older than Christianity.

Traditionally, on Lomisoba day the locals would climb the mountain, often barefoot, and bring the offerings with them. 

There is a 50-kilogram chain kept in the church, and it is said that anyone who puts the chain around their neck and then circles the church three times while praying will have their request fulfilled by Saint George.

These days, Lomisi Monastery is still active and several monaks live there.

If you prefer a more calm atmosphere, hike up to the monastery on any day except Lomisoba. Summer is the best season for it, however the winter sports fans even show shoe up there!

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