Machabeli Tower in Ambrolauri

Along with many other interesting monuments in Racha-Lechkhumi Region, the Machabeli Tower in Ambrolauri is an absolute must-see.

Once upon a time, it served the purpose of a watchtower before King Solomon of Imereti gave the tower to the noble Machabeli who had been  exiled from Samachablo, and its function changed. From then on, the name of the tower was changed to Machabeli Tower. 

The three-story tower was built with sandstone and lime in the 17th century and was once one of the constituent parts of the summer residence of the Kings of Imereti. Today, nothing remains of the palace, but the tower still stands.

In 1924, the grave of Machabeli was found in the ruins of the church of the residence; underneath the floor. Today, a new church stands on the site.

A stone door arch carved and decorated with a cross was also found in the ruins of the church, with "The cross of Christ defeats the enemies" written in capital letters.

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