Marabda Lake

Marabda Lake

If you enjoy fishing, then 30 kilometers from Tbilisi lies the artificially-created Marabda Lake located in Tetritskaro municipality, which would offer you a good opportunity for spending some quiet hours with a rod in your hands.
Kvemo Kartli

The lake is 700 meters above sea level, with an area of 0.23 square meters. 

Due to the fact that eastern Georgia is less humid compared to the western part of the country, it suffers from a relative lack of water, meaning the main purpose of reservoirs (like Marabda Lake) in eastern Georgia is irrigation. 

However, locals also use the lake for fishing as well. In particular, you can find the following fish here:- Crucian carps (Carassius), grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella), Luciobarbus mursa, Rutilus (Rutilus), and Alburnus (Alburnus alburnus). Fishing enthusiasts come here equipped with fishing rods, spinners, or fishing nets albeit many of them observe the principle of “catch and release.” 

If you prefer to take your caught fish with you, or want to cook it over the campfire, then this is also permitted. Another attraction of  this location is its accessibility as you can take any motor vehicle to reach the lake.

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