Batumi Seafood Market

Batumi Seafood Market

One of the highlights of any visit to a seaside city is the opportunity to dine on delicious, fresh-caught seafood. The Batumi Seafood Market, or just “the fish market” to locals, is the place to be if you’re looking to spice up your Batumi holiday with a seafood feast.

What is on Offer at the Fish Market?

The Batumi Seafood Market is located at the entrance to the city, and offers a wide selection of locally caught fish for your table.

Here you can buy dorado, which has been considered a delicacy in Mediterranean countries for centuries. You can also get Black Sea turbot or kalkan, which is very popular among fish-lovers, and Caspian shemaya, from Persia, which is very delicious whether it is fried or boiled and smoked.

Fish-lovers never say no to a Mediterranean sea bass, and Black Sea red mullet and mussels.

Get Comfy

The market is busier during the resort season, and its busiest days tend to be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as these are the days when Batumi residents can make time to come to the market, and when many local tourists make their way to the coast.

So, when you’re next in Batumi, why not browse the fish market, pick your favourite, and have it cooked right there in one of the market’s restaurants?

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