Navtlugi Bazaar

The historic Navtlughi market is in the eastern part of Tbilisi. The market has existed for thousands of years and is still a thriving trading hub today. Located at 3 Meveli Street, the market is adjacent to the Samgori railway station, and eastern Georgian farmers travel here to sell their goods.

What Navtlughi market has to offer?

Unlike other marketplaces, Navtlughi Bazaar offers a wide range of products at the most affordable prices. The market is very famous and attracts customers from neighboring cities and villages. The freshest fruits, vegetables, milk, varieties of Georgian cheese, beef, and chicken are available for purchase. A quality assurance lab pre-tests and certifies the product's reliability.

Close to the train station, there is a secluded herb market that sells a wide range of herbs and edible plants that are widely used in Georgian cooking. Additionally, Navtlughi has a wholesale flower market, which is open from dawn to ten in the morning.

Navtlughi market is distinguished from other Tbilisi marketplaces for its abundance of rag-and-bone merchants and vintage shops. You can find precious estate goods, such as copper and porcelain dishes and household items.

The market is notorious for having the best shoemaker and shoe repairer. Small artisans are masters in repairing broken handbags, belts, jewelry, and kitchenware. They fix everything that can’t be fixed elsewhere. 

The easiest way to reach the market is by metro and exit at Samgori station.

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