Telavi Food Market

Telavi Food Market

On your tip to the Kakheti Region, you must visit Telavi, an important transport hub, agricultural and cultural center. Telavi is also an important spot for food and wine lovers! Here, at the Telavi Food Market, you will find a wide selection of local products all year round. The Telavi Food Market began centuries ago, when, during the invasions of Abbas I in the 17th century, the merchant caravan city of Gremi was destroyed, and Telavi became the new trading center.

What Can You Find at Telavi Food Market?

Kakheti is the primary winemaking region of Georgia, so of course, draft qvevri wine and traditionally distilled chacha have a prominent place at the market.

Farmers from the local villages also bring their home-grown vegetables and garden produce, grains, meat, dairy, and homemade sweets.

Telavi Food Market is famous for its exceptional dairy products. Here, you’ll find all varieties of Georgian cheese at the stalls. We recommend trying Akhmeta cheese, Dambalkhacho, Nadughi (Georgian Ricotta) and Matsoni - Georgian yogurt. 

Khashi is a well-known soup in Caucasian and Asian cuisine, so you will also find many pork and beef hooves or tripe, needed to make this delicious dish.

The Unique Qualities of Kakhetian Cuisine

Kakhetian cuisine is famous for Mtsvadi, the spit roasted meat, so you will find a lot of pork at the market. Fresh fish is also brought in from the reservoirs in the Alazani Valley. 

Here vendors also sell herbs and spices characteristic of Kakhetian and mountain cuisines. For example, you’ll find cumin, which the Tushetians use in their khinkali.

The Telavi Food Market is also well-known for its 100% natural sweets, like the delicious colorful fruit leathers made with purple plums, red sour plums, pears, apples, and kiwi.

It is impossible to think of Kakheti without remembering the traditional delicacy, churchkhela, which is why there is a wide selection of them at the Telavi Food Market. The proper one is made with walnuts and boiled fresh grape juice, and be sure that at the market you will definitely find churchkhela of the highest quality. 

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