Mdzovreti Fortress

Mdzovreti Fortress

In Shida Kartli, in the valley of Dzama on a high mountain stands the Mzovreti fortress. The impregnable fortification was built in the early Middle Ages and was first mentioned in historical records in the 10th century as the residence of Prince Adarnase of Dzami. The name "Zovreti" (Mdzovreti) means customs.
Shida Kartli

The Structure of the Mzovreti Fortress

The fortress consists of an inner castle with a rectangular fence surrounding it. A quadrangular tower fortified with piers is on its northeastern corner. 

There are two churches on the lower floor of the building in the southeastern corner and on the upper floor are storage rooms. Several residential buildings lie outside the castle. On each floor of the tower, there are fireplaces, windows, and small niches. Today, only 3 floors of the castle  have survived.

During the excavations of the fortress, fragments of dishes, ceramic water pipes, boulders, and other items were found, indicating that Mzovreti has been around for a long time.

In 2008, the Mzovreti fortress was consecrated as a monastery in honor of the Thirteen Assyrian Fathers. Visit it year-round to enjoy the vibe of past centuries and marvel at amazing views of forested mountains and hills.

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