Meziri Lake

Meziri Lake

In the Mestia Municipality of Svaneti, between the communities of Esteri and Becho, lies the beautiful Meziri Lake with its sacred history. Nearby, about 15-20 minutes on foot, is the ancient Church of the Archangels. These two landmarks are linked by a fascinating legend concerning the origin of the lake.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Legend of Meziri Lake

As the story goes, monks once lived here, many centuries ago. They suffered from a lack of water and prayed to God for assistance. It is said that God answered their prayers and made a lake appear. The monks named this lake Meziri (“worshipful” in Svan).

The Svan people have a special relationship with this lake. It is not only forbidden to swim in the lake, but even throwing stones into it or being too loud along its shores is strictly forbidden. Svans believe that polluting this lake would arouse the anger of God, who has been known to conjure terrible weather.

Even with these limitations in place, Meziri Lake boasts a breathtaking view that is well worth experiencing. From its shores, you’ll be able to see Ushba and the Caucasus Mountains from a stunning angle. The reflection of the mountains in the lake is especially eye-catching.

How to Get to Meziri Lake

There are two ways to get to the lake. From Becho Community it is about four kilometers on foot, while from Etseri it takes about three to four hours on horseback to reach the lake.

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