MICE Tourism in Georgia Country

MICE Tourism in Georgia Country

As the global tourism industry develops and evolves rapidly, all sorts of intriguing new types of tourism are emerging.
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One such type is MICE tourism, which stands for “meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions” and combines business and leisure in unique and engaging ways. In this sphere, Georgia has everything in place to offer MICE tourists exactly what they need. Here, we ask (and answer), what MICE tourism is, why it matters, and how Georgia is becoming prominent in this nascent sector.

Is MICE a type of tourism?

MICE is an acronym for “meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions.” It encompasses a vast range of business activities that ultimately drive the world economy. In perhaps its most common form MICE tourism entails a multinational corporation carefully choosing a scenic spot for its annual conference. 

Such corporations are inclined to reserve plush accommodations with state-of-the-art meeting facilities where they can present seminars or sessions impressively. Then, after a refreshing lunch and another presentation or two, the focus often switches to team-building. In Georgia, that might involve white-water rafting, or ziplining across the foothills of some of the world’s most engaging mountains. With camaraderie strengthened, a first-class dinner under a starry night sky rounds off the perfect day of work and play, motivating everyone for the months or year ahead. 

A MICE tourism provider understands well how these types of events enable an ideal fusion of business and pleasure, creating memories that last a lifetime and an atmosphere and togetherness that increases productivity and creativity.

Why is MICE so important to local tourism industries?

MICE tourism is a significant driver of the entire tourism sector, benefiting countless businesses and individuals. Notably, MICE tourists generally spend about three times more than ordinary tourists. They often stay for relatively long periods too, and come from all over the world.

Moreover, when MICE tourists enjoy a particular destination, they are likely to return soon for another business trip, or for a personal vacation with family and friends.

What are the 4 components of MICE tourism industry?

  • Meetings: Small-to-medium-sized meetings are held to discuss, network, educate, and more.

  • Incentives: Travel and hospitality events put together by companies reward or motivate employees or sales agents.

  • Conferences: Larger gatherings for longer periods, usually comprising breakaway sessions, workshops, management retreats, and seminars.

  • Exhibitions: Displays of the latest products, services, or a combination of both, for a targeted public audience.

What makes a good MICE destination?

  • Modern Infrastructure and Facilities: For meetings, conventions, trade fairs, and other events.

  • Diverse and High-quality Accommodation: A range of well-appointed hotels and other alternatives give businesses the variety they seek.

  • Good Transport Links: At a minimum, there should be an international airport with frequent flights to key hubs.

  • Unique Attractions and Leisure Activities: It’s not all work and no play, so delegates will be eager to do some sightseeing and have a bit of fun when they can.

  • Professional ‘Meeting Industry’ Services: These should robustly support the planning, organization, and management of meetings and other events.

Why is Georgia a good destination for MICE tourism

  • Diverse Venues: From modern conference halls in Tbilisi to countryside retreats set amongst historical sites or stunning natural backdrops, Georgia has it all!

  • Accessibility: Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and with international airports in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi, Georgia is easily reached from many parts of the world.

  • Unique Culture and Scenery: MICE tourists can explore Georgia’s cultural heritage and soak up its inspirational scenery.

  • Affordability: the country of Georgia offers very competitive prices for MICE tourism without compromising on quality.

Georgia’s MICE tourism development potential

Georgia has considerable potential in MICE tourism. With investments constantly pouring into new infrastructure, including new and expansive conference facilities, luxury hotels, and other accommodation options, the success Georgia has already achieved in attracting MICE tourists is only going to grow.

In the Georgian government’s broad strategy to boost tourism and enhance the business-enabling environment, making the country a key global player in MICE tourism will mark an important milestone.

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