Mukhrani Fortress

Mukhrani Fortress

In the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region, you can find multiple monuments of historical and cultural importance. One outstanding example of Georgian historic fortifications is Mukhrani Fortress, near the village which shares its name.

The Historical Past of Mukhrani Fortress

Mukhrani Fortress was once the property of one branch of the Bagrationi royal family of Georgia, the Mukhranbatonis. This family played a significant role in the country’s political life.

The village, however, is not named for them, but for the abundance of oak trees (mukha in Georgian) that grow here.

The Structure of Mukhrani Fortress

The walled fortress was built in the 1830s over an area of 2.5 hectares. When the area was invaded, the inhabitants of Mukhrani and other nearby villages would take shelter here along with their livestock.

The fortress complex contains many different types of buildings, some of which have survived untouched, while others are in ruins. The Mukhranbatonis wholeheartedly supported King Erekle II and fought against the Lezgian raids and other foreign invaders.

At present, Mukhrani Fortress is a symbol of the battles fought by proud and freedom-loving people, so, if you happen to be in this region, you absolutely must see this historical treasure.

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