Nakipari St. George Church

Nakipari St. George Church

Svaneti is one of Georgia’s most picturesque regions, possessed of a long, fascinating history and a unique culture. You will find many beautiful monuments here, with Nakipari St. George Church being an outstanding example.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

What Makes Nakipari St. George Church Special?

Unlike the majority of the churches in Svaneti, the 10th-century Nakipari St. George Church is characterized by its decorated facades. The ancient church sits atop its high perch and looks out over the ruins of a once great city in what is now Nakipari Village.

The grandiose conch of the apse demands special attention, as an iconographic representation of the Vedreba is depicted upon it. A festive composition of holy knights is also present on the northern wall. Such features are unusual for the region.

The eastern façade of the church also demands your attention due to the exceptional artistic and architectural decision to decorate it with frescoes and zoomorphic sculptures.

The church’s artwork is the work of the 11th to 12th century artist Teodore. It is believed that he was a Svan by birth and had the title of King David the Builder’s Court Artist.

Metalwork icons from the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries are kept at Nakipari St. George Church. We know from the inscription on the church’s icon of St. George that it was embossed by Asan the Goldsmith, who adorned it with silver and gold.

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