Natural monument of the Tskaltsitela Gorge

Natural monument of the Tskaltsitela Gorge

In the Imereti Region of Georgia, at 130-200 meters above sea level, a red-colored river flows.

Scientists will explain that such things are not surprising during floods, if the red river flows in the bed of the earth and washes it up. However, people tell another story - the river turned red after the famous battle of Khresili, when it was stained with the blood of Georgians who fought for the freedom and integrity of the country. The Georgians won the battle, and the river ran red.

Different types of fish live in the river, such as trout, barbus, barbel, mursa, different species of carps, danube bleak, and others. From the bank of the river, you feel the presence of a jackal, otter, and nutria. In winter, ducks, geese, and other aquatic birds make a spectacle.  

Visit the Tskaltsitela valley, especially in early autumn, when the colors of the leaves in the Colchis forest change and nature creates art on the mountains. 

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