Navenakhevi Cave - an impressive landmark of Imereti

Navenakhevi Cave - an impressive landmark of Imereti

Navenakhevi is one of the most beautiful caves in Imereti. Looking inside it, you can see stalactites and stalagmites made of limestone, which were formed over millions of years.

The Navenakhevi karst cave is located at an altitude of 235 meters above sea level in the same-name village in Imereti Region.

It was first studied by the Georgian scientist Levan Maruashvili in the 30s of the XX century. In 1981, local residents, sisters Khujadze, wrote about the Navenakhevi cave, and it kick-started the creation of a tourist zone. Although the official opening of the cave took place in 2018.

Navenakhevi consists of four halls located on two floors connected by steps. The uniqueness and antiquity of this cave is proved by the fact that it has only one entrance, and at the exit point a seven-meter stalagmite has formed.

After leaving Navenakhevi cave, tourists can visit educational sites, cafes or go hiking along one of the forest trails nearby.

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