Old Sameba Church

Georgia is a motherland of ancient monuments, where you can encounter unique architecture and churches of special importance. One of them is the Old Sameba (Trinity) Church located in the historical district of Tbilisi, by Rustaveli Avenue.

History of Old Sameba Church

Old Sameba Church has been standing on that very spot since the 18th century, and to this day the building, which is a fine example of traditional Georgian church architecture, has been remodeled many times. The church’s latest makeover was in 1988. 

The interior of the church was painted in the 1890s by Italian painter Ludwig Longo. 

It has been called Old Sameba since 2004, when the grand Sameba Cathedral in Avlabari district was consecrated.


What to Do Around Old Sameba 

Within walking distance from the church, there are many museums and galleries, a flower market, a historical food market, as well as many cafes.

If you follow a narrow paved road from the church towards the Mtkvari River, in a matter of minutes you will find yourself at Orbeliani Square, which is an ideal spot to refuel yourself with some delicious Georgian dishes.

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