Oniore Waterfall and Toba First Cave Natural Monuments

Oniore Waterfall and Toba First Cave Natural Monuments

Known locally as the region of canyons, caves, and waterfalls, Martvili Municipality in Samegrelo is renowned for its ancient history and the diversity of its landscapes. Some of its most popular landmarks include Oniore Waterfall and Oniore Cave, also known as Toba First Cave.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Nature of Oniore Waterfall and Toba First Cave

Both Oniore Waterfall and Oniore Cave are located in the Toba River Valley, near the village of Meore Balda. The area surrounding these two popular landmarks is thick with copses of Colchic boxwood.

The roof of Oniore Cave is thirty metres high, and its width is twelve to fifteen metres across. Within the cave are two waterfalls, with the inner waterfall being 21 metres tall and the outer waterfall being 84 metres tall.

How Do You Get to Toba First Cave?

To get to the cave, you’ll park your car at the parking area near the Balda Mobastery. From there, it is a five-kilometer hike to the first rest area.

After you’ve paused to take a drink and soak in the serenity, it’s a short two kilometre trek to the cave and its waterfalls. The last section of this hike is fairly difficult, so it is recommended to take a local guide with you.

For those not wanting to hike quite so far, you can also drive to the first rest area in an off-road vehicle.

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