Orbeli Fortress

Orbeli Fortress

During the 16th and 17th centuries, Orbeli Fortress in the Lechkhumi Region was regarded as one of the most spectacular buildings in the region due to its architectural, stylistic, and strategic importance. Today, the ruins of this once impressive structure remain for us to explore, providing invaluable insights into the history of the region and of Georgia as a whole.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

The History of Orbeli Fortress

Orbeli Fortress, perched atop a rocky bluff, is surrounded by an oval wall. The fortress must have been fifty meters in length and thirty meters in width in its heyday, although only ruins remain today.

It is believed that the fortress had three towers, with the main tower facing to the north and housing living quarters within.

What Will You See Around Orbeli Fortress?

In addition to the ruins of the fortress, you’ll also find a graveyard and a church on the site. Traces of a tomb have also been discovered by archaeological digs.

It is also said that another church once stood here. Today, that church is in ruins, but some monuments discovered there have been preserved. These include an ancient sculpture of the crucifixion, an icon of an archangel, and the Orbeli Fortress Church Gospel, which is now kept in the Kutaisi State Historical Museum.

Today the fortress is uninhabited. However, the traces of paintings found on the ruins, the archaeological digs, and the icons and books kept there tell us a great deal about its past significance.

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