Orkari Canyon

If you're into hiking and wildlife, Orkari Canyon in the Guria Region is a must-see for you.

How do you get to the canyon?

This natural wonder is located in Moedani village, Lanchkhuti district, Guria Region.

Drive along the first uneven section of the road as it gradually narrows. It leads into the wild and from here, you have to travel on foot. Summer is the best time to visit since it gets cooler the closer you get to the canyon. 

What will you see?

The canyon is almost one kilometer long but after about 700 meters, it splits into two parts. Hence its name - Orkari means "two doors" in Georgian.

The right side is a much more difficult route, designed for professional climbers, who go traverse it with special equipment. In some parts of this route, you even have to pass through water.   

The left side of the canyon is not technical and anyone can cross it. At the end of the road, you find a beautiful waterfall with an intricate staircase.

Put Orkari Canyon on your itinerary if you’re a hiking lover, especially since it is still unknown to many people, including those living in Guria.

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