"Orta Jame" Mosque

"Orta Jame" Mosque

The Orta-Ahmed Jame (mosque), located on Kutaisi Street in Batumi, is one of the oldest buildings in the city and a symbol of urban diversity. It was built during Ottoman rule, in 1866. The building, erected in the late Ottoman architectural style, was painted with oriental ornaments by an unknown master.  

This mosque once was located between Ahmed Jame and Azizia Jame, hence the name: "orta" means "centre" or "middle" and "jame" means "mosque".

Previously, on this place, Ahmed Pasha Khimshiashvili built a wooden mosque, known as “Ahmediye“, but the mosque soon burned down. After this, an existing two-story rectangular building was built, with a tall minaret in the corner and a gilded dome in the center. The ceiling of the mosque, the dome, as well as the railings of the temple, and the minaret are hand painted, and the outside of the shrine is white.

The building has rectangular windows decorated with profiled edges and flat gables, which are replaced by round windows decorated with crescents. The eastern entrance to the mosque is framed by pilasters topped by a helmet-shaped arch.

Until 1935, the mosque functioned continuously, and in the Soviet years, it was used as a military warehouse. Service resumed in 1946.

Muslims of Batumi celebrate one of the biggest holidays in the Islamic world - Qurban Bayram, by praying in Orta Jame.


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