Ozurgeti State Drama Theater

Ozurgeti State Drama Theater

One of Georgia’s highly-rated theatres is the Ozurgeti State Drama Theater, which celebrates Guria’s theatrical life over 150 years. This was marked by the Cultural Monument status awarded to it.

The theatre’s drama company had been performing in various locations since 1868, but settled in this ancient Greek-style building - one of the largest for art in Georgia after the Tbilisi Philharmonic  -  for performances in 1962. Renovation modernized the structure of a five-story building with a two-tier 750-seat hall decorated with Georgian ornaments. A semi-circular parterre joins the big stage. The painting on the ceiling is by Apollon Kutateladze – the greatest Georgian battle painter.

The theatre is named after famous Georgian actor Alexandre Tsutsunava (1881-1955), director of the theatre’s first performance, and a founder of Georgian opera and film.

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