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Paliastomi Lake

Paliastomi Lake

Paliastomi is the third-largest lake in Georgia and encompasses an area of ​​18.2 square meters. Its average depth of 2.6 meters, a maximum depth of 3.2 meters, and is 0.3 meters below sea level.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Location of the Lake

Paliastomi Lake is separated from the Black Sea by a 2-kilometer-wide sandbar, however, according to historical sources, it used to be a bay of the Black Sea. In 1924, a canal was dug out from the southwestern shore of the lake and connected directly to the sea. In December 1933, as a result of a strong swell, the canal expanded and formed a straight. 

Before this event, more than forty species of fish were found in Paliastomi. Today the lake is inhabited by: catfish, common carp, pike perch, mullet, pike, carp, and other marine fish. Ornithologists and birdwatchers visit this area often because many bird species perch on the banks of Paliastomi.

Local Legend

According to the legend, the "Tribe of Pavlia" used to live on Paliastomi. The ground has sunk, breached, and spilled so much water that it covered the village. Only one deacon, named Darchia survived, who saved the icon of the archangel. Later, a temple was built in honor of the icon on Mount Jumati. 

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