Paragliding – Goderdzi Pass

The Goderdzi Pass, covered in pine forests, is located in the Autonomous Republic of Ajara, at the source of the Dzindzistskali River, 2,025 meters above sea level, on the Arsiani Ridge.
Goderdzi Resort


A mountain and ski resort was opened at Goderdzi Pass in 2015, equipped with hotels and dining areas.

To get to the take-off point in summer and winter, you can use either an SUV or a cable car. The landing point is near the first cable car station in an open field. Total flight time is between 20 and 25 minutes.


You can fly at Goderdzi Pass during summer and winter. 

Who Can Fly?

Minimum weight: 30 kg

Maximum weight: 220 kg

People with disabilities can paraglide comfortably at this location, however, minors can only fly with written parental consent.


You’ll fly with a pilot who has a tandem-pilot certification from the Paragliding School of Georgia. 

During the flight, the pilot and the passenger should wear helmets, sunglasses, and close-toed sports shoes. The pilot’s chair is equipped with a proper parachute. Take a light coat with you during the summer, but something warmer during other seasons. If necessary, the pilot will provide you with clothes.

Ask your pilot to record your flight with a GoPro camera if you want to keep the memories. The pilot will provide you with important instructions before your take-off.

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