Paravani Lake

The fish-laden Paravani Lake is one of the largest lakes in Georgia. It is of the volcano-tectonic type, located in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region, in the northeastern part of the volcanic plateau.

Characteristics of the Lake

The lake is 2,073 meters above sea level, with a maximum depth of 3.3 meters, and an average depth of 2.2 meters. Due to the severe climatic conditions around Paravani Lake, there is only one type of tree, the Caucasian pine, that grows there. 

The glistening blue lake, over which the snow-covered Abuli Mountain towers, is a beautiful sight in its own right, but people are also drawn to the lake for its abundance of fish.  

Varieties of Fish

There are numerous species of fish that are common to Paravani Lake, including trout, roach, carp, whitefish, oriental chub, and barbel.

Due to the cold climate in Javakheti, the lake is covered with thick ice throughout winter, starting in December. Indeed, the thickness of the ice can range from 47 centimeters all the way up to 73 centimeters. 

In such conditions, you can also go ice-fishing on Paravani Lake, with whitefish the main target.

Around the Lake

There are some villages around Paravani Lake, most of which will offer some accommodation, albeit you might prefer to put up a tent, make a bonfire, and fry your fish (if you’ve caught any). 

There are a number of sights to see around the lake, including the Abuli and Shaori Cyclopean Fortresses, as well as Poka Monastery.


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