One-Day Tour in Racha
The places that you will see while on this tour will truly surprise you with their grandeur, like the significant cultural monuments of various time periods, the ancient frescos, the captivating nature, and the lakes, hidden away among the cliffs. If you love wandering, then you will fall in love with this place in just a single day.
1Nikortsminda Cathedral
Arches with luxurious carvings, frescoes with diverse stories, and a high dome reaching for the sky are among the reasons that Nikortsminda Church is recognized as a masterpiece of Georgian national architecture. Moreover, it is on the Tentative list for status of UNESCO's World Heritage. You should definitely visit this marvelous place, once you pass by in the village of Nikortsminda in the north-western Georgian region, Racha.
2Barakoni Church
The village of Tsesi in Racha Region is surrounded by mountains and covered in lush greenery. There, at the confluence of the Lukhuni and Rioni Rivers, stands Barakoni Church serving as a timeless monument of Georgian architecture.
3Shaori Lake
In Racha Region, in the heart of snow-covered peaks, dense forests, and meadows full of flowers, the man-made Shaori Lake creates a wonderful environment for fun and relaxation.
At the confluence of the Rioni and Krikhula Rivers, a small city was built to act as a residence for the kings of Imereti in the 17th century. This city, Ambrolauri, is today the administrative centre of Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti Region, and is a place of cold winters, hot, dry summers, and beautiful wilderness.
The cozy town of Oni is 210 kilometers from Tbilisi, on the left bank of the Rioni River, in a deep valley. Oni is first mentioned in historical sources in the 15th-16th centuries, but people have lived where the town stands now since the Bronze Age. The town itself was founded in the 2nd century BCE by Parnajom, the king of Iberia, confirmed by the discovery of items during the Bronze Age from the 6th to 3rd centuries.
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