The cozy town of Oni is 210 kilometers from Tbilisi, on the left bank of the Rioni River, in a deep valley. Oni is first mentioned in historical sources in the 15th-16th centuries, but people have lived where the town stands now since the Bronze Age. The town itself was founded in the 2nd century BCE by Parnajom, the king of Iberia, confirmed by the discovery of items during the Bronze Age from the 6th to 3rd centuries.
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The History of Oni

Oni is rich in historical monuments, with many medieval fortresses and churches, such as the 11th-century Mravaldzali, Goni Archangel, Shromisubani Churches, and the Skhieri Monastery Complex.

In western Georgia, you will find nothing else like the abandoned cyclopean fortress in Kvashkieti village.

Oni was home to one of the largest Jewish communities in Georgia. The local synagogue was built in 1895. 

In the town's museum of local lore, artifacts from the Stone Age to the late Feudal period, tell us details about how life was here. In the museum, you will also see a statue of a sheep from the Bronze Age, belt buckles, women’s jewelry, weapons, work tools, and more.

The Balneological Resort in Racha

11 kilometers away from Oni, lies the climatic and balneological resort Utsera. Its mineral water is used to treat stomach and intestinal problems. The fresh air clears the airways and helps with anemia. The best season to visit Utsera is from May to October. 

Additionally, the Shovi resort, just 24 kilometers away, has 16 mineral water springs for treating various diseases.

The Nature in Oni

The beauty of Racha is almost indescribable.

2,800 meters above sea level lies a mountain range covered in dense forests that are verdantly green from spring to autumn, a colorful curtain in autumn, and are wrapped in a blanket of snow in the winter.

The sounds of joyful conversation are heard from the houses hidden away from rain on the mountains, where the smell of Rachan lobiani and ham wafts from.

Buba and Kirtisho Glaciers and Chiori and Khikhati Mountains are hiker's paradise. From the lakeshores, you can see the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains.

These are all sites you must see with your own eyes!

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