One-Day Tour in Samegrelo & Imereti
Samegrelo is one of the most interesting regions in Georgia because of its historical past, which, with its enchanting nature and fortresses, will seem to you like a true oasis. The impressions that you get on your one-day tour will be unique, exciting, and unforgettable.
1Salkhino Dadiani Residence
The Salkhino palace, built in the village of Salkhino in Samegrelo Region, was once the summer residence of the local nobility, the Dadiani family. Walking on the cobblestone paths between centuries-old trees up to the palace, you feel the full glory of the Dadiani princes, the 19th-century Georgian aristocracy, who were related to the French imperial family.
2Martvili Canyon
Every region in Georgia boasts its own famous natural landmarks, and Samegrelo is no different, as it is home to the stunningly beautiful Martvili Canyon. A popular tourist destination with locals and tourists alike, this breathtaking natural monument is a must-see for outdoor enthusiasts.
3Okatse Canyon – Imereti’s Green Nature Monument
Imereti region is famous for its lush greenery, dramatic limestone cliffs and plentitude of water - rivers, streams and lakes. Okatse Canyon is a perfect example of this.
4Martvili Canyon Zipline
Martvili Canyon is located in Samegrelo Region, in Gachedili Village, or to be more precise, in the Abasha River Gorge. The canyon is 2,400 meters long, with small hiking trails through exotic nature, including waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and rocks. A boat ride on the Abasha River is also possible while other more extreme adventures are also awaiting you.
The small town of Martvili lies in western Georgia, in the region of Samegrelo. As you walk through this picturesque town, your eye will inevitably be drawn to the monastery built on a spot overlooking the town. This is Chkondidi, a monastery raised by the King David Agmashenebeli (the Builder).
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