Rafting on river Mtkvari: Chitakhevi-Borjomi

There are several rafting points on the river Mtkvari: Chitakhevi - Borjomi, Vardzia, and Mtskheta. One of the easiest and the most popular routes is the Chitakhevi - Borjomi section.


The Chitakhvi-Borjomi route is in Samtskhe-Javakheti region in the south-west of Georgia.


At 1515 kilometers in length, the Mtkvari is the largest river in the Caucasus. The river begins in Turkey and flows through Georgia and Azerbaijan into the Caspian Sea. 


The route starts from Chitakhevi village, 950 meters above sea level, and continues to Borjomi, 820 meters above sea level. 

The route is 14 kilometers long and takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. It is safe for beginners, and has a minimum age limit of 16 years old. 

How to get to the starting point

The distance from Borjomi city to Chitakhevi is 11 kilometers. From Borjomi city center you can take a minibus or book a transfer to Chitakhevi. 


The route difficulty category is II and III. It has no dangerous sections. 


The best months for rafting on the Chitakhevi - Borjomi section are April, May, and June, when the water level is high and the waterflow is stable. The temperature ranges from +20 to +30 degrees. 


  • Boat

Rafting is carried out on special boats for 4, 6, 8 people. 

  • Equipment

The instructors will provide you with life jackets and helmets, but you should wear closed sport shoes or water shoes, a wetsuit or a long-sleeved thermal jacket and sports pants or shorts which will not get heavy when wet. 

  • Age

The minimum age for rafting is 18 years old. 

 What the beginner needs to know

The professional instructor accompanies the boat and instructs you prior to getting into the water. Listen carefully, keep his instructions in mind and follow them during the trip. 

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