If you’re a fan of electronic music, you may already be familiar with Anaklia Resort. Perhaps you have even attended the summer festival at which world-famous DJs play and thousands of music lovers gather together, spending the night in the colorful tents spread out across the beach.
Distance to the location by road from:
5:25 hr
2:35 hr
2:10 hr

Where is Anaklia?

Anaklia is a beachside village on the border with the Autonomous Republic of Apkhazeti. In addition to the two weeks when the whole area is filled with lovers of electronic music, it is an amazing place to relax at other times too.

Anaklia’s History

Anaklia was one of the very first seaports and fishing villages on the Black Sea. The archaeological monument “Dikha Gudzuba”, excavated in this area, shows us that Anaklia was already teeming with Colchians living their lives in the 6th to 5th centuries BCE, but that the village was emptied out due to enemy raids. The relics found here are kept at the Zugdidi Museum.

Sights in Anaklia

Anaklia is connected to Ganmukhuri village by a pedestrian bridge. The beautiful bridge spans the Enguri River and was designed by the German architect Peter Walser. The walkable part of the bridge is 504 meters long and 6.81 meters wide. That fact makes it one of Europe’s longest pedestrian bridges!

Anaklia-Ganmukhuri beach is lined by palms and subtropical plants, scenic bike paths, lively café-bars, an amphitheater, courts for various sports, and several modern hotels.

The Black Sea is especially clean in this area, and there is not only pebble, but also a fine sand beach. The beach is well-equipped with showers, bungalows, and volleyball courts.

In 2012, a large water park was built nearby. Adults and kids alike are sure to love the pool, waterslides, and tanning areas, and the family can also enjoy a delicious meal at the park’s café.



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