In 2020, Olympic champion, judoka Lasha Bekauri, put the small village of Arkhiloskalo on the international map. In every interview he conducted after winning his gold medal, Lasha was at pains to mention his humble home and the immense love that he felt for it. A visit to this village will quickly give you some idea as to why he was so passionate about the place where he was born and raised.
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The History of Arkhiloskalo

Arkhiloskalo overlooks what is known as the “Breadbasket of Georgia”, the eastern part of the Shiraki Plain. It is here that the majority of Georgian grain is grown. From the village, you’re afforded a spectacular view of the sprawling plain, wide Alazani river, and the small villages that emerged along its banks during the 19th century.

While in the Soviet period there were military battalions stationed here, now there is an atmosphere of calmness and peace. The military airfield and its empty hangars are now a popular place for travelers to take pictures.

The Location of Arkhiloskalo

Due to its position on a low mountain in Dedoplistskaro Municipality, the village acts as a climatic resort boasting mostly sunny days and a slight, dry wind from the steppe. The sun’s rays here are said to be especially therapeutic, being helpful to those with inflammation of the kidneys.

Despite its quaint appearance, life in the village is very modern. Whether you spend the night in one of the cottages or you set up camp nearby, you’ll soon fall in love with the village and its people.

 The Sights in Arkhiloskaro

There is one interesting archaeological monument that has been discovered in the village – a graveyard from the first centuries BCE and CE. 

The village’s St. George Church is a very young church. It was built with the blessing of the Patriarch of Georgia and the efforts of the local populace. When the foundation of the church was being dug, a thing was found in the ground which confirmed an intense story which had become widespread as a legend among the people… but they will tell you about that when you go there.

You’ll also be able to see the Caucasus Mountains from Arkhiloskaro. 

Spend a little time here and we’re sure you’ll understand why that 21-year-old Olympic champion made sure the world heard him say, “My homeland is Arkhiloskaro, Georgia!”

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